Kolli Hills Camp

Kolli Hills Camp

Kolli hills- A hidden hill station of South India

  • Unpolluted 
  • Less crowd
  • Announced as Ecotourism destination by Govt.of Tamilnadu
  • Diverse flora and fauna of Eastern Ghats
  • Land of Siddha medicine and herbal remedy
  • Connected to four lane highway (Salem to Madurai)
  • Connected to Chennai via Athur.
  • Nature unlimited

The Kitchen & The Home Cooked Food

Kolli Hills Camp has a skillfully run traditional South Indian kitchen, which prepares very delicious and wholesome vegetarian and non-vegetarian  dishes from all around India. Every meal is freshly prepared, and three large buffet meals are provided every day.

Additionally fresh fruit juice is provided by mid morning and also afternoon tea. Purified drinking water is available at the center.


We have a vast collection of books on philosophy, Indian Mythology, fiction and yoga in  English catering to a voracious reader as well as a hobby reader. 

Camp fire and music

We provide camp fire in the night to increase the ambiance and also provide wide choice of music to dance with. But do not expect loud music…

Meetings and brainstorming

We have a 800 sq.ft dinning hall which can serve for meetings in an informal atmosphere.

Outdoor training and activities

There is much anecdotal evidence about benefits of outdoor education experiences; teachers, for example, often speak of the improvement they have in relationships with students following a trip. 

We conduct outdoor training for MBA graduates/ corporate in Team building/ team relationship/ coordination skills.


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